Why I love Back to the Future


Back to the Future has been a favorite amongst kids and adults alike since it was released many yeard ago. There are a few reasons why I’d put back to the future upt here with my favorite films of all time, and I’m going to share them with you today.

The Delorean

The Delorean is undoubtedly the awesomest (yes, that’s a word) car that’s even partaken in a film. Whilst some fawn over the batmobile and are impressed with the Mystery Machine, the Delorean has a place in any true Sci-Fi geeks heart.


Doc was super cool for an old guy

Whilst nowadays if you were to put a young schoolkid and a crazy old scientist together people may raise their eyebrows, it worked extremely well in Back to the Future. The relationship that occurred between Doc and Marty was a special one, and it was awesome to see their relationship develop throughout the film.

The Theme Tune

As theme tunes go, the BTTF theme tune is certainly one of the most iconic that I’ve heard. It’s created by famous composer Alan Silvestri, so it’s no surprise that it blew us away.

Check out this video of the theme song being composed live in Vienna!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”.

Is this the greatest conclusion of any movie ever? I’d certainly argue that it might be. Along with the closing theme from The Breakfast Club – “don’t you, forget about meeeee” – the closing theme tune to BTTF is one of the most iconic in existence.


Need I say more? One of the best villains of all time, Biff had some of the greatest lines, too. Thomas Wilson plays the part so well that by the end, you’re genuinely hating Biff.

Some say that Donald Trump based his entire persona on Biff Tannen. I wouldn’t disagree.


These are just some of my favorite things about Back to the Future, which is still my favorite film of all time (with the sequels being closed 2nds and 3rds). If you have anything to say about BTTF, feel free to share below!


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