Was Back to the Future before it’s time? [Upd. ’19]

Whenever I watch Back to the Future, I always think about how ahead of it’s time the film actually is. It really is one of the best films of it’s time, and if you havent seen it then it’s definitely worth checking it out and seeing if you like it.

Here are a few of the reasons that I thinkn that Back to the Future was way ahead of it’s time and is one of the best kids films that you’re ever likely to see.

Wars fought with lasers

In Back to the Future, you seen the main characters use laser tag guns often. But in reality, is it likely that we’re actually going to start using lasers in warany time soon? Well, the likelihood is tat many wars in the near to distant future will be fought using lasers as the primary force of ammunition. This is mainly because with lasers, you can minimize the expenses that you would take to war. In many armies, the majority of their expenses go towards getting enough ammunition to fight with. Lasers can help minimize the expenses that each army will have in relation to war.

Time Travel

How many parodys have you seen of Marty McFly and the Doc travelling through time? I’d bet that there’s more than you can count, even if you didn’t realise it was a parody. There are other films that have time travel in them, but none of them popularised time travel like BTTF.

Although you might not consider BTTF to be a true form of time travel, it’s definitely an awesome example of what you can do if you want to get a film that involves travelling through time.

Stranger relationships

When Doc and Marty McFly meet, they are barely strangers and they do not know each other very well – if at all. As the film develops, they grow closer and become friend – but manage to do so in a way that isn’t creepy at all.

This is impressive film making, and if you was going to do this nowadays then you’d undoubtedly have some creepy guy effect that people would insinuate about the Doc.


Overall, it’s pretty obvious that films like Back to the Future were way ahead of their time in terms of how they are made. It’s really difficult to find a film that you can match nowadays with Back to the Future, but it is undoubtedly one of the best films that was ahead of it’s time.


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